2022 Questions & Reflections – “Where” is Pancanivarana located

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      In https://puredhamma.net/three-levels-of-practice/moral-living-and-fundamentals/key-to-calming-the-mind-five-hindrances/ it says:

      “They are called “nīvarana” because they cover the mind from seeing right from wrong.”
      – Now this is very deep because sustained “living in accordance with right” is essentially what spiritual growth is as I currently innerstand the Self.
      – However what i’m confused about is “where” this nivarana is in “myself”. My Soul, my gandhabba, my hadaya vatthu, my aura, my “mind”??? There is confusion about this mechanism called “me” and it’s connections to all these concepts/phenomena.

      I want to know:
      – Where exactly do “I” hold these nivarana in me?
      – and depending on that answer, how exactly are they removed/sidestepped/dissolved/etc?

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      First Question: “Where exactly do “I” hold these nivarana in me?”

      All defilements (anusaya, gati, nivarana, etc.) remain in the mental body (gandhabba) and not in the physical body.
      – The essence of the mental body consists of hadaya vatthu (seat of the mind)
      – When you are reborn in a different realm, a new hadaya vatthu matching that realm is formed by kammic energy. At that time, whatever defilements you have will be transferred to that new hadaya vatthu.
      – That is how the rebirth process continues.
      – Of course, all those defilements will be changing continuously during a life.

      Your second question: “and depending on that answer, how exactly are they removed/sidestepped/dissolved/etc?”

      Those defilements are removed by following the Eightfold Noble Path.
      – They are removed in four stages: Sotapanna, Sakadagami, Anagami, Arahant.

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      Once again, an incredibly clear and concise answer. Thank you so much Lal.

      Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu !!!

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