2022 Questions & Reflections – What is it that gets attached?

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      Aloha Lal and kalyana mitra. Theruwan Saranai.

      Earlier in my awakening to this dhamma I had a fervor. Since then things have cooled down and i’ve been engaged in kama bhumi.

      Now I am here asking clarification on a few keys things in my innerstanding the Dhamma. Thank you for reading and replying.

      Question: What it is exactly that “holds” the attachment for a “thing” and how does innerstanding the dhamma relate?

      Clarification: I have to give an example for clarity.
      – Suppose that there are 2 warriors and 1 enemy. Now Warrior A has a lustful attachment to the female form to a high degree. Warrior B has no such attachment. The enemy happens to be a woman and not only that, uses that fact to try and seduce the warriors, but they both know she is an “enemy” (working for the enemy camp)
      – Warrior A has “lustful attachment” to the woman’s body. He might even hesitate in killing her much less harming her because of his attachment. However, she WILL eventually kill both of them and even their families if they had the chance.
      – Warrior B has no such attachment so he would likely defend or attack her given the chance.

      Clarified Questions: What exactly in “warrior A” is so powerful that it OVER-RIDES RELATIVE/EXISTENTIAL LOGIC???
      – How is it that the attachment to her form could over-ride his intellect.
      – “Where” is this attachment to the female form and how is it so powerful?
      – What is the source?
      – and lastly, how would Warrior A help himself?
      – If warrior A saw his own lustful attachment, what’s involved in him making a choice OVER his attachment???
      – Is the key to practice working on specific things like “attachment towards female form” or are the sheer number of akusala cetasika so great the only thing to do is purify our mind through Jhana and innerstanding dhamma?

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      I am currently reading: https://puredhamma.net/paticca-samuppada/how-are-paticca-samuppada-cycles-initiated/ and listening to abhaya thero for answers to this question

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      Hello lodoniyo,

      Regarding the hypothetical situation that you presented in the first post: I don’t see any value in analyzing it.
      – Of course, there are some hypothetical situations worthwhile analyzing. But I cannot provide any insights by analyzing that particular case.

      It would be better to focus on learning and practicing Dhamma.

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