Reply To: Iccha


You wrote: “This constant pressure to maintain is the “bhara”, or “parihara bhara” or “peeda”.”

  • I am guessing what you mean by “bhara” is the “burden” and “peedā” is “stress” (“pilana” in Pāli)?

If so, that sentence embeds what the Buddha was trying to teach. 

  • Bhara” (or bhāra) is the burden of “seeking pleasure in worldly things.” Since worldly things never provide lasting happiness (instead, seeking them leads to more suffering in the long term), people (and all living beings) are trapped in this process. Icca (or iccha) is the desire for worldly things and, thus, to pursue them.
  • That is why the Buddha said, “pancupadanakkhandha is dukkha.” See #8 of the new post “Pāli Suttās in Tipiṭaka – Direct Translations are Wrong.”
  • This message is embedded in the “Bhāra Sutta (SN 22.22).”