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Sweet is Dhamma, Sweet is Sangha, Sweeter is Buddha. 

Sir, is my understanding , a bit better,  in line now?…..i am re-adjusting with,  some better clarity, as follows:

I consider myself to be an individual. Someone living this Life, having these experiences, experiencing  these havings etc. I am Gopinadh…!

Yet at the same time , with a little effort,  I can see , there are several components to my self which enable me to function as an individual.

There is a raw Sense of Being (I AM), various “things” and “actions” (actions done by  kaya , by  nama, including hardwired tendencies ) which appear to be done by me, or owned by me, etc.  All these make up “me” “Gopinadh”. I have a Past, living this Life now and have a tomorrow.

Gopinadh is one whole. Like Laptop is one whole. It has keyboard, touch pad, touch screen, usb ports, battery, power, hardware and all the software. But I see it as one whole “a lap top” just as  one “gopinadh”.

If laptop falls down, it’s the lap top which is broken and similalry It is I who lives, who laughs , who cries  and who will one day die and so on so forth.

This Gopinadh will go on and on , into Ramesh, into David, into a De Silva, Dog, or a preta as long as Gopinadh has cravings for sensory inputs (rupa). He is a “satta”. He also has a slight peep into how his cravings create suffering.

The astounding thing is even with this understanding and peep into reality, even while he possesses this knowledge   , as long as it doesn’t penetrate deeper , he still remains Satta.

In our land we call a similar thing “Smashana Vairagyam” .  Smashana is graveyard and vairagyam is “Viraga”. 

Someone dies, all of us go , tell each other, “this is life friends”, “death is inevitable” etc etc and 2 days henceforth we are disappointed that our favourite food spot is closed! Only as long as we are inside the graveyard the vairagya remains.

This sir is how the “Satta” Lives. 

For all intents and purposes, there exists  no difference between satta without a peep into this knowledge and to this particular satta with such superficial knowledge,  who has only “smashana vairagyam”- graveyard viraga!.

However, maybe one day  in “gopinadh” or “David” or “De Silva”the  peep into reality grows, it penetrates deeper, the realization deepens in its depth and seriousness and reflects back in ones Life, in ones Conduct , in ones Freedom.

He realizes he is delimited, defined by what he “attaches to”.  Like our friend Dog,  which is tied to a post with a leash to his collar, and goes round and round around it,  He realizes He is defined, delimited by the Five Aggregates owing to His craving for them.  He realizes in his bones, that being so tied to the leash,  He comes to be with them , suffers with them,  rises and falls with them, dies with them and moves on with them.

This realisation itself seems to be stupendous. It seems easy in thought, but for people like me who can grasp it in only thought and not in actuality, it seems next to impossible. I honestly have no clue how one eventually actualizes this vision, Lives it!. But it doesnt mean others do not have. I belong to the ordinary run of the mill group , where as we can rest be assured that there are Aryans around. The fact that i don not have a clue is only a reflection on my lack of seriousness and hard work and nothing more.

Then sir,(in the case of one where it starts to actualize) ,  the satta is set on the path. The actualization of  saccas (truths)  begin in the “Sattas” Life. The Vision Penetrates deeper. Freedom grows. truthfulness grows. 

With gradual ending of craving He or She Proceeds from Being a Satta,  towards not being a Satta(tied to the post  with a leash to His or Her Collar). In other words He or She completely resolves all  the elements of Satta, Sense of Being, having Properties, Having Family, Actions, Birth, Death, Rebirth, etc etc etc into their proper places. The sun of Freedom starts to shine brightly.  He or She can now completely look into the various factors which constitute a satta and assign each of them their proper place.  

Then man starts to live a life in truth. Not just He , but his fellow men, beings, social systems….. too are benefited by this Aryan. 

In social Terms He or She stands as the epitome of correct , consummate and highest values which felloe men can aspire.  Society gets a fresh breath of Life.

That’s about it Sir. Under this topic – satta , I think we touched imp points, the individual, how he or she can improve, why there is an area of improvement and  how such an individual can benefit the society , for there in lies the value addition.

Kindly correct/add/improve

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