Reply To: Satta- Being


Sir. Beautiful.

In particular “Anyone who has cravings for sensory inputs (rupa) is a “satta”  –  reading this is , I felt someone was pouring honey in my ears.  I thought Radha’s Satta Sutta was sweet, and the above summing  up , is like crushing out the sweetness into some jaggery.

After looking at my post, it is inhhumane in its approach. I have to admit. While Your articulation , is like in the middle: human yet human in some rightly balanced sense(i cant articulate) .

Anyway I  will think on how to readjust my thought in the post and come back in this backdrop sir.

Mutlpile things to be clear about, being, sense of being,  that which causes and conditions the Being, as well as Sense of Being…..

….Look at Man!

To Be, He has to Love all that he Can!

But all that He Loves comes with  a Span!


Do you See sir,…..?…. by admitting me in the forum, all of  you will be  getting free poetry service as a value addition. which other member is giving it?

(thank God You must be saying. hm?)

Regards Sir, Have a good day.