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  •  An excellent speech by the Venerable on the different types of Kamma. I won’t go into detail about it because my understanding of the subject is not developed enough. I’ll leave it to Mr. Lal to explain it in a future essay when he wants. However, here’s what I learned: When we do a positive action, it’s better not to regret it. We’ll receive the effects, but they’ll be destroyed by a Kamma associated with our regret. For example, if someone says, “I shouldn’t have given my wealth to charity, what a waste,” Kamma Vipāka could make them wealthy in a future life, but due to regret, they could become bankrupt. We can see extremely rich people going bankrupt in the news. Most people think that the homeless people we see on the streets have always been homeless. Yet many were socially good or even extremely wealthy people who lost their wealth – proof of Annica and Anatta’s nature. Tomorrow we could lose our possessions and be powerless against this Vipāka. 
  • The same goes for bad actions. Suppose a person had a habit of physically hurting others. If they realize their bad actions and stop them, and also start donating blood, plasma, platelets, and donating to hospitals, etc., they not only realize but also start doing good deeds. The Vipāka of hurting others can take effect in a future life. The person may have a life full of illnesses, go blind, etc. However, they will suddenly be able to get well and lead a happy life because of the good deeds they did by donating. This is why there are cases of people who were diagnosed with incurable illnesses and who were able to recover.
  • We must do actions contrary to our bad actions to at least lessen the impact. For example, if a person steals he must start giving to others. Theft is fueled by Lobha and generosity with positive intention is Alobha. Only by understanding Annica’s nature will we be able to do this very easily.

Example of destructive Bad Kamma.

Example of destructive good Kamma.

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