Reply To: Conscious vs. Subconscious Mind


Lal so I have basic understanding but lets take an example so I can understand better. I am trying to grasp this in a simple way so I have some basic knowledge of the mental body.

Before we go into deepest details lets start with the basic step. So, this would help me understand better. Thank you so much LAL for explaining everything.

Say X person got attached to a flower in the garden.

So the 1st process that happens is  Chakkun patichcha rupecha. Uppajjathi chakku vinyanayam”

So basically vanna rupa is sent to the brain first and then those packet of data sent to hadaya vaththu?
Then once Hadaya Vaththu receives data where does Chakku Vinnana occur?

In Hadaya Vattu or Cittaja Kaya?
If it’s not a huge trouble, can you explain to me with an example like this how everything falls together? I know it is not easy because there are so many things to consider. But I would get a basic understanding.