Reply To: The Big Bang May Have Never Happened?


Sadly dear Lal, I also think there is another factor involved here.

As the great Ajahn Brahm said about Scientists:

“I used to be a scientist. I did Theoretical Physics at Cambridge University, hanging out in the same building as the later-to-be-famous Professor Stephen Hawking. I became disillusioned with such science when, as an insider, I saw how dogmatic some scientists could be. A dogma, according to the dictionary, is an arrogant declaration of an opinion. This was a fitting description of the science that I saw in the labs of Cambridge. Science had lost its sense of humility. Egotistical opinion prevailed over the impartial search for Truth. My favourite aphorism from that time was: 

“The eminence of a great scientist, is measured by the length of time that they OBSTRUCT PROGRESS in their field”!”



Unfortunately the Ego of Scientists also plays a part today. Besides, we also have to remember that funding Agencies are mainly from Western Nations with Christian bacgrounds (maybe we will have to wait till an Eastern Counry like China or Japan gets into Science funding in a Big way).

Also, remember how the “Goddamned Particle” became the “GOD particle”. So the overall picture “Markettable” to Collective Western Christian Consciousness also counts.

Then again, it maybe the Anicca and Anatta traits of the world which prevent the majority of people from seeing the truth. We like the people of the world to accept the Buddhist worldview, but what we like does not happen, atleast not when we want them to. The Buddha said that His Dhamma is only for those with the required Intelligence. We are also cautioned in the Kalama Sutta against accepting “Traditional” knowledge, which even scientists seem to be doing.

We will need the next Galileo or Einstein to come along !

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