Reply To: The Big Bang May Have Never Happened?


I thought about the issue of time a little bit.

  • Of course, time is real (not an illusion). But it is likely that the “perception of how fast time goes by” may be relative.
  •  For example, a day in a specific Deva realm corresponds to many years in the human realm.  See “Visākhā Sutta (AN 8.43).”
  • As stated there (@6.4 marker), “Sixteen hundred years in the human realm is one day and night in the paranimmitavasavatti Deva realm.”
  • Even among animals, we can have a wide variety of lifetimes. Some flies live only a week. Their time must be passing much more slowly compared to us.

It is OK to have a general idea about these facts. 

  • My point was that spending too much effort on these issues takes time away from more critical issues like understanding “distorted sanna.” That is one of the critical issues that can significantly impact one’s practice. It truly helps eliminate sakkaya ditthi (that the world can offer happiness; instead, any such enjoyment is “mind-made” and not real) as well kama raga.
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