Reply To: The Big Bang May Have Never Happened?

Yash RS

Hello Yash RS,

They say, “The fact is that time doesn’t actually exist at all!”
Sorry, that is not right, in my opinion, because time exists.
Time is a law of nature and it is related to the expanding space of matter and the idea or goal inherent in matter, which is controlled by Kamma Vipaka.
With the essence spirit we can experience three types of time. These are future, present and past. Past, but only with “Abhinna powers” and kamma energy in the form of pancupādānakkhandha. Time is a component of saññā and is part of Anicca nature. Even an arahant experiences time.

Time is not present in Nibbana. If that is what they meant, the statement is true again.

That is what I am saying.

Time is just a perception, saying Past, Present and Future is nothing but perception, it’s ok to use these terms in a conventional way but in absolute way there is no “time like entity”. 

What is time by the way? Can anyone define what exactly is time ? It can be defined via Dhamma.

There are causes and effects, that’s all! And our perception that a “fixed entity” is changing leads us to connect all those changing events and we say “Time is passing”. 

People with Abhinna powers can see their “past lives” because they are in the namagota in the vinnana if I am correct, those too were “changing events” but we perceive that the same person has undergone those changes and we again perceive that there is time.

You said that it is inherent in matter. That’s what cause and effect is! We Perceive that the “same object” is changing there because we perceive things to be fixed. 

Obviously in Nibbana, nothing is changing, so a perception of time will also be not present. 

Correct me if I am wrong🙏🙏