Reply To: Encounter the devas (maybe)

Yash RS

Such instances have also started to  happen with me in the recent times.

There was one day I was going to the gym and I wanted a lifting belt because the belt the gym had was very loose for me, so I had to use a dirty jacket of the gym to tie the belt.

I was just thinking down the way that “I hope the gym has a new belt that fits me well”

And when I entered the gym about to squat, I found a brand new belt which fit me perfectly, I asked the people around whose belt is this? Can I use this? They said they don’t know. We all thought that it’s the new gym belt .So I just used it and the point is the next day that belt was nowhere!

No one knows where that belt is now!

But I still think of that day as a coincidence because I cannot confirm.

There have been a few more instances which I cannot recall currently.

The recent one was when my Mentor was being transferred to another state( She would assess me in the exam I am going to attempt in some years). So I couldn’t even talk to her on phone as they don’t provide the personal numbers of the mentors. And the other two mentors were not that good in guiding the students. So I got stressed by this news and thought “Had I taken her personal number, I would have not faced this problem”

Now I had to meet my new mentor.

I went to the centre after many days, and I saw my previous mentor.

She was there, and gave me her personal number, all the books required and assured me to guide through the process. 

I still don’t know if it is a coincidence or not.

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