Reply To: The Big Bang May Have Never Happened?


1. The point is that the proposed theory of a “Big Bang” is just a theory. Recent data from the new telescope launched last year indicates possible contradictions with that theory.

  • Did you read the first few posts at the beginning of this thread?

2. According to the Buddha, there was no “Big Bang” beginning. 

“7. The Solar system will last another 5 billion or so. Thus the total time in the existence of the current Sun (and Earth) is about 10 billion years, according to modern science. That is the existence phase lasting 20 kappā, assuming that the current scientific estimate is correct.

  • The other three kappā take 10 billion years each, which is how the time for a complete cycle takes 40 billion years.
  • The Earth (and the whole Solar system) continues through this cyclic process that takes roughly 40 billion years per cycle, i.e., for a mahā kappa (with the above assumption.)
  • This cycle will keep repeating. There was no “Big Bang” beginning.”
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