Reply To: The Big Bang May Have Never Happened?


I think some important questions should be asked here. Is space-time really “space-time” or are they actually separate things being distorted by our limited perception?

Rather than saying that the Big Bang is the beginning of space-time (what conventional science currently believes), it might have been the case that time is beyond space, and space is not what we think it is as “rooms” but rather just a collection of networks of matter.

So in this model, the beginning of the universe is not the Big Bang, but rather the Big Bang is thought to be the beginning because scientific instruments cannot detect matter beyond the violent explosion of the Big Bang. In this model time is also not part of one thing called space-time (Einstein’s block universe) but rather we perceive space and time as one because so far there hasn’t been scientific evidence that there is a matter that sits beyond time.

This model is consistent with the 31 realms. Brahma realms actually sit above our “universe” since he lived longer than 13 billion years (thought to be the age of the universe since the Big Bang), but even though they are older, they are still bound by time and time relativity to other realms, so there is time above time.

This video below is very useful, relevant discussion starting from 19:00