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1. The reasoning at the top (#1 through #3 are correct).

However, regarding #3: A Brahma birth (birth of the manomaya kaya of the anariya Brahma) happens at the patisandhi moment based on the conditions at that moment. 

  • Once that sankhata (manomaya kaya of the anariya Brahma) is formed, it will exist until the kammic energy that led to it is exhausted. The exception is if the Brahma attains Arahanthood. Then that manomaya kaya will “burn,” i.e., the Brahma attains Parinibbana.
  • The same goes for the Anagami. If the Anagami attains Arahanthood, Parinibbana will result, i.e., that existence will be terminated.

2. I hope that helps clarify the issue. Feel free to ask questions if it is not clear.

  • There is no “left-over” kammic energy (in that Brahma bhava) for a Brahma once his lifetime ends. 
  • He will be reborn human, and if he needs to get back to the Brahma realm, he will have to cultivate jhana again.
  • Brahma kammic energy” falls under ” ānantarika,” meaning energy is NOT held in reserve. Any energy existing MUST bring vipaka without delay.
  • Of course, the human physical body can withstand an  ānantarika kamma. That is why a yogi with a jhana will not be reborn right away in a Brahma realm. But when the physical body dies, he will be instantly born a Brahma.
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