Reply To: Different types of Buddhism

Throughout the years, I have seen many discussions online in regards to Tibetan (Vajrayana) Buddhism. Many many times I wanted to comment but in the end decided to keep quiet. Let’s just say I can’t find anything good or positive to say about the tradition. . . 
Never having practiced or directly experience the tradition, but have done some research into the tradition and practice. Now seeing what Christian have brought up, I hope to provide additional support / grounds for the things he had mentioned. 
I would pat Christian on shoulder and look at others with a sigh . . .
Saket mentioned:
“However, I am not sure whether the Dalai Lama also do these extreme practices. I think he is a good person.” 
Here’s something for other’s consideration. . .
Pretty much everyone out there isn’t aware of the current Dalai Lama background. What I’m willing to say right now is that the current Dalai Lama is or was an “asset” to a certain major country organization with a certain “agenda” initially to carry out.
I’m not here to try convincing others what to think / believe in, but I have an online resource that proves what I just mentioned and it’s not something that I really want to show or share around . . . unnecessary. But I’m willing to share something else. 
I haven’t read everything from the PDF, not going to and don’t recommend others to do so unless they want to go down a rabbit hole.  But if someone wants to take a quick glance or curious, I would say just check out the table of contents and the first few paragraphs of Chapter 4. The Law of Inversion. I think that should give someone a general idea what they’re dealing with Tibetan (Vajrayana) Buddhism. Connect the things I brought up in this post with what Christian had just mentioned, you guys can come to your own conclusion.
I can’t confirm or verify everything in the PDF, but in my 18 years plus of having gone down a very deep rabbit hole. Connecting the things mentioned in the PDF and what I have researched into / learned about this mundane world, I can see the connections and more . . . 
To end this post off . . . C&P from an online link . . .
“ speaks of the experiences of a boy….

Last September, after a teaching session in Vancouver, someone in the audience asked Kalu about sexual abuse in the monasteries. He replied that he was sensitive to it because he had been molested. 

The boy’s name is Kalu Rinpoche, a reincarnated thingie of some long-dead person (aka randomly selected baby). He created a video titled “Confessions of Kalu Rinpoche,” he says that he was molested by elder monks…”sexually abused by elder monks,” and when he was 18 his tutor in the monastery threatened him at knifepoint. “It’s all about money, power, controlling. . . . And then I became a drug addict because of all this misunderstanding and I went crazy.”

A gang of older monks who would visit his room each week…..This was hard-core sex, he says, including penetration. “Most of the time, they just came alone,” he says. “They just banged the door harder, and I had to open. I knew what was going to happen, and after that you become more used to it.” It wasn’t until Kalu returned to the monastery after his three-year retreat that he realized how wrong this practice was. By then the cycle had begun again on a younger generation of victims, he says. Kalu’s claims of sexual abuse mirror those of Lodoe Senge, an ex-monk and 23-year-old tulku who now lives in Queens, New York. “When I saw the video,” Senge says of Kalu’s confessions, “I thought, ‘Shit, this guy has the balls to talk about it when I didn’t even have the courage to tell my girlfriend.’” Senge was abused, he says, as a 5-year-old by his own tutor, a man in his late twenties, at a monastery in India.

Another interesting post was written by the Huffington Post. It is particularly notable because only the cached version is available.

It speaks of the experiences of a young girl, she too had been raped by monks. More surprising was the reaction of the authorities of the Tibetan community:

As shocking as the alleged crime was the revelation that the Mundgod camp officer and settlement officer had encouraged the father of the child not to pursue criminal charges against the men. Why? Out of fear of shaming HH the Dalai Lama and the Tibetan people.

Widespread child abuse and even rape at his temples, yet he has very little to say on the matter…. Yet another case of See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil.

Actually the practices and more that’s been brought up in this post is this world current main ritual / tradition / practice just with a different name / face at the highest level of organizations that people put their trust in. I can only sigh and shake my head, but hey this is the current mundane world, what can I do except to strive for my own salvation and do my best to help others as well. 
What I can say to others is that the current mundane truth about this planet / events is not what the majority can see or believe it to be.