Reply To: Different types of Buddhism

Sammasambodhi Gami

Thanks for your thoughts Ven. Lal Sir.

Yes, I agree with what you said above. 

I recently started listening to Dalai Lama. As far as my intuition goes, I think he is genuinely trying to follow the Bodhisattva path. But he is NOT aware of the true Buddha Dhamma. So he has many misconceptions about pure teachings of Lord Buddha. But his efforts to help promote world peace are commendable. 

There are other people too who are genuinely into the Bodhisattva mindset.

The most famous one, whom the world knows is Jesus Christ. Yes! He is a Bodhisattva. Many people don’t know about this but Jesus himself came from higher realms to meet most Ven. Waharaka Thero on a Christmas day. Jesus is not satisfied with heavenly pleasures and is actively working (in unseen ways) to help people realise the message that he gave 2000 years ago. 

Jesus is worried about how his people are misled and are not doing what Jesus taught them to. Actually, the deeper teachings of Jesus Christ are hidden these days. Just like the Tipitaka, the Bible also contains the words of the Christ, but the deeper meanings behind them are forgotten.

Very few people know about this…. Jesus was a “yogi” and during his famous “lost years” he visited the Himalayas and did meditation. He also came to Sri Lanka, the land of the Samma Sambuddhas! Jesus has deep respect towards Buddha, Dhamma, Sangha.