Reply To: Different types of Buddhism

Sammasambodhi Gami

Thanks a lot dear Christian Sir for explaining these facts. 

Yes, there exists many extreme practices within Tibetan religion (we CAN NOT call this as Buddhism). This is the reason they are esoteric. Of course they CAN NOT lead to Nibbana.

I know about these tantric practices because I was born in a Hindu family and still live among Hindus. So I am familiar with these things.

However, I am not sure whether the Dalai Lama also do these extreme practices. I think he is a good person. In fact many Tibetan monks and followers are good people. But unfortunately they are following wrong practices due to delusion/lack of wisdom. And the most shocking thing about it is that they believe that the Shakyamuni Buddha gave these teachings. (see how delusion can wrek havoc on the minds of people)

The westerners (generally) are easily influenced by such alluring practices. 

Similarly, the Mahayana version also has many delusional beliefs and practices. 

We should never insult anyone. But we should NOT equate any mundane beliefs or teachings with pure Buddha Dhamma. 

We should develop compassion for those people and help them find the real Buddha Dhamma (if they are ready to receive it).