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1. Most of the statements by Saket above are indeed correct about Buddha Dhamma or Buddha’s teachings.

Saket wrote: “Lord Buddha didn’t teach Hinayana, Mahayana or Vajrayana.”

  • Someone could say that “Lord Buddha didn’t teach Theravada either.”

2. Theravada‘s most compelling evidence is the Tipitaka, written over 2000 years ago by Arahants, who can be justifiably argued to be well-versed in the teachings of the Buddha Dhamma.

  • Furthermore, the content in the Tipitaka is truly self-consistent. But for that, the Pali text must be correctly interpreted.

3. As I have pointed out in many posts, current translations of the Pali Tipitaka (in Thervada texts) have many errors. There is nothing wrong with the Tipitaka. However, the incorrect interpretations have also corrupted Theravada (as practiced by many today).

4. Therefore, we should be open to discussions. 

@Vajraguru: We can discuss any of my above posts too, if you wish to point out any errors in them. 



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