Reply To: Different types of Buddhism


Friend Vajraguru, what Saket says is a clear and coherent summary of the true Dhamma. It should be understood that Tibetan Buddhism was born in the 7th century AD. It was founded by Guru Rinponche. This Buddhism followed the Mahayana movement. However, in addition to Mahayana elements, he added elements of Bön (the ancient religion of the Tibetans before the arrival of Mahayana Buddhism). The Dhamma is pure in its beginning, middle and end. He has nothing to add or take away. If we add or remove elements, it is adhamma (opposite of Dhamma).

After I left Christianity, I came across Tibetan Buddhism. I firmly believed in it, until I learned that Theravada is the original Buddhism. I wanted to learn more and it showed me the many inconsistencies of Mahayana.

I wanted to understand the teachings of Lord Buddha. Mahayana added many elements that did not come from Lord Buddha. This is what led me to leave.

Your experience will not be the same as mine, but it is good to think about the consistency of these teachings and compare them to the originals.