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Sammasambodhi Gami

One more clarification for those who (intentionally or unintentionally) distorted pure Buddha Dhamma.  

After the Parinibbana of Lord Buddha, some people started creating “new sutras” in Sanskrit and later in Chinese, Tibetan and other languages. They introduced many “dangerous concepts” which distorted and obscured pure Buddhism. 

One of these “dangerous concepts” was that an Arahant or a Pacceka Buddha is not fully enlightened as they are following “Hinayana” (lower/inferior vehicle).

Later on, many “esoteric practices” were introduced which has nothing to do with the original teachings of Lord Buddha.  I wonder why do they even call it “Buddhism”.

Please understand that I don’t have intentions of hurting anyone. I just want to make things clear.

  • A Samma Sambuddha achieves the same Nibbana as that achieved by an Arahant or a Pacceka Buddha. There is no difference.
  • However a Samma Sambuddha and a Pacceka Buddha attains Nibbana by their own while an Arahant (or Savaka Buddha) attains Nibbana by the help of Samma Sambuddha or his disciples (Sotapanna, Sakadagami, Anagami, Arahat).
  • Furthermore, the power and knowledge of a Samma Sambuddha is unsurpassable and unparalleled . It can’t be compared to anyone in the entire existence. This is due to the power of his 10 Paramithas (or perfections) which he fulfilled throughout many-many aeons (maha kappa).

We should remember that arising of a Samma Sambuddha and his Dhamma is extremely rare.   Someone who distorts or pollutes Buddha Dhamma is playing with fire. We should be very careful. 

 I hope those who are wise enough can distinguish between what is Buddhism and what is not.

May all sentient beings achieve the Supreme peace of Nibbana!

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