Reply To: Dhamma message at the funeral of Waharaka Thero


Yes, that seems to make sense. One of my teachers told me about this type of person.

• These are people who had taken Bodhisatta vows to become Lord Buddhas. However, halfway through, they give up. It is extremely difficult and immeasurably long to become a Lord Buddha. In their last life, they quickly become arahants with extraordinary Dhamma teaching abilities. They understand the Dhamma and many key concepts very easily. They can help others understand them.

• My master said that many Bhikkhus take this vow, but few achieve it. Those who give up have probably seen the repeated suffering of the apayas that await them. A bodhisatta is always a Puthujuna and, therefore, subject to the apayas. Only those who have unwavering courage, like Lord Gotama, reach the end despite the suffering they will endure.

• Here is an example of a bhikkhu who sees rebirths in apayas despite his Bodhisatta vows. The vision of his past and future lives
Those who give up along the way, thanks to their long training, generally quickly develop the final stage of accomplishment and become arahant, with great abilities to teach.”
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Yes, we must be grateful to Venerable Waharaka Thero 🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿.