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Gad asked: “Can the absence of sexuality really be a sign of the anagami stage?”

  • No. There are people born asexual, and some even without sexual organs. However, they are DEFINITELY not Anagamis because Anagamis cannot be reborn in the human realm. They are born that way due to kamma vipaka. For example, those who commit sex crimes (e.g., rape) and those who mutilate the sexual organs of others are likely to be reborn that way.
  • Those people, when the kammic energy is “exhausted,” will be reborn with normal sexual functions. They have kama raga anusaya/samyojana intact all that time.
  • On the other hand, an Anagami has removed kama raga anusaya/samyojana from the mind. They have “seen” (with wisdom or panna) the drawbacks and dangers of kama raga and have cultivated Satipatthana to remove it.

Yash wrote: “Wanting (stress)—leads to Seeking (stress)—–and after Acquiring ——Pleasure (relief from vexation/stress)—-which again leads to——Wanting ( Stress).”

  • That is quite true. That is a unique feature of any “sensual pleasure,” not only sex but the craving for food, music, etc. 
  • The desire is temporarily satisfied when engaging in sex, eating, etc., but the urge ALWAYS comes back and will “keep bothering” until one again engages in whatever that activity was. 
  • All of us have been doing that in this beginningless rebirth process: Chasing a “mirage.”
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