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Yash RS

Thanks 🙏,

This is what I have understood recently 

Wanting (stress)—leads to Seeking (stress)—–and after Acquiring ——Pleasure (relief from vexation/stress)—-which again leads to——Wanting ( Stress)

because of Ignorance as the mind perceives that Pleasure Is Happiness, but it is not. Every Sentient Being is trapped in the above cycle, there is only stress in this cycle, No Happiness.

So the more one craves for Pleasure ( because of Moha/Avijja) the more one is craving for Stress without knowing it! As pleasure only arises by reducing stress( temporarily)

So, since the mind is craving for Stress, it Will be born in the corresponding realm that would impart that type of stress!

Because in Reality the mind is not craving for Happiness but for Stress, which is evident from the cycle. So therefore if one truly Wants Happiness one Must truly “crave” for it, and that is experienced when No Attachment remains in the mind, The Neutral Mind is the truly Satisfied Mind, It is the only Happiness which is Unconditional.

Even though I have understood it at a good level, still it has not sunk in the mind to the point of an Anagami or an Arahant. I guess because the mind has not truly Sensed the relief from Abstaining from Craving for Sensuality.  But I will keep on working on it 🙏

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