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That phrase is in the “Pathama Niraya Sagga Sutta (AN 10.211)“: “Natthi dinnaṃ, natthi yiṭṭhaṃ, natthi hutaṃ, natthi sukata­dukka­ṭā­naṃ kammānaṃ phalaṃ vipāko, natthi ayaṃ loko, natthi parō lōkō, natthi mātā, natthi pitā, natthi sattā opapātikā, natthi loke samaṇabrāhmaṇā sammaggatā sammāpaṭipannā ye imañca lōkaṃ parañca lōkaṃ sayaṃ abhiññā sacchikatvā pavedentī’ti.” 

  • The three phrases I bolded provide somewhat similar meanings. All involve giving. The first (Natthi dinnaṃ) is about generic “giving” (dāna); the subsequent two have increasingly higher impact. 
  • The following translation in the first two links Dosakkhayo referred to is better: “(i) giving (dana) has no merits, (ii) being grateful and responding in kind (for what others have done for oneself) has no merits, (iii) respecting and making offerings to those with higher virtues has no merits.
  • I have revised the third post to have the exact translation as above.
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