Reply To: A Question about Paññā of Puthujjanō


You wrote: ” Now I think as paññā can be developed through mundane eight fold path also, and that mundane version of paññā leads to paññā indriya (one of the five indriya, fairing with saddhā) even if he is still in puthujjanō state.”

  • That is not correct.

A puthujjana does not have even a trace of paññā.

  • However, when a puthujjana STARTS to comprehend the “anicca nature” and how that leads to “dukkha” (suffering), then he becomes a Sotapanna Anugami.
  • That understanding is firmly established when he becomes a Sotapanna. Nevertheless, a Sotapanna Anugami is a Noble Person (Ariya) and WILL get to the Sotapanna phala moment. There is no “going back” to become a puthujjana.
  • Therefore, one is either a puthujjana OR an Ariya. There is no overlap. However, the boundary is murky (not a clear-cut boundary.) 

Theruwan Saranayi!