Reply To: Formal Meditation


There is no way to actually do it faster than you are naturally conditioned to progress on the Path. Imagine bodybuilding, it depends on your genetic makeup how much/big and how fast you will grow, it’s the same with Dhamma – having living Buddha would be relative to having “steroids” as Buddha could progress the Path for you by explaining what you need to know and in what context so you can realize Nibbana faster.

Also Dhamma Path is not progressive as you would think of, it takes much more for person as you need to develop your own way of understanding Dhamma or should I say “in your own way” to understand it. Anapanasati etc. are good but it takes much more then that so if you “want” to progress faster do not look of way to do it “faster” as you will develop unwholesme mind, you need to look for right inputs for your mind that can give you insight – and asking, talking with Ariyas, listening to the discourses are one way to do it and developing meditation so mind can see more clearly is another

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