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Yes. That is good; be mindful all the time!

There is another aspect that will help a lot with reducing cravings.

  • We have a “distorted saññā” that worldly things (tasty food, attractive things, and attractive people) have such “mind-pleasing inherent qualities.” But the Buddha taught that it is a “made-up perception” by our minds. 
  • That understanding will help tremendously with controlling cravings.
  • It is a good idea for everyone to read the post, “Sotapanna Stage and Distorted/Defiled Saññā” and the background material for it pointed out in the last bullet below. The subsequent post “Pabhassara Citta and Saññā Vipallāsa” was a continuation of that discussion. These are the only two posts so far in the new section “Sotapanna Stage via Understanding Perception (Saññā).
  • In the next post, I will discuss the “Mūlapariyāya Sutta,” which describes the main reason for this “distorted saññā or delusion to arise in our minds. I touched on it in the post “Saññā Vipallāsa – Distorted Perception.”
  • To start from the beginning of the discussion, the sequence of posts to be read is in the sectionIs There a “Self”?” The first three subsections provide the necessary background. Take notes as you proceed. After that, I started the current series of posts in “Sotapanna Stage via Understanding Perception (Saññā),” where I will continue the discussion.
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