Reply To: Avyākata Paticca Samuppāda for Vipāka Viññāna


I apologize for my mistake. I think I have a bad habit of omitting too much in communication.

The reason why I think #5 should be revised is that the sentence “The kusala-mūla PS process describes how one can accumulate new “good kamma” that will eventually help us attain Nibbāna by following the Noble Path.” sounds like new kamma bhava are generated through kusala mula PS.

Especially, if one reads it in Korean translation, the meaning becomes very unclear. So I think it needs to be revised. 

(i) Only akusala-mula PS processes generate kammic energy.

(ii) Kusala-mula PS processes do not create new kammic energies. They only help remove defilements (i.e., wrong views, perceptions) AND cultivate panna (wisdom or knowledge about how PS processes operate.)

They make the point clear. I appreciate your service. I’m also worried that what I am doing is just nitpicking and has no useful purpose. 

Rereading the second post, I found I wrote it in a very closed manner. I was trying to say that Avyakata PS could also have a namarupa.