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Hello Tobi,

Yes. Buddha Dhamma is deep. But with an effort, one can understand, and it is worth the effort. 

I briefly looked at your picture. It seems like a good idea but may need a bit of tuning. I will think about it and will let you know.

Regarding your question: “The question is whether the GANDHABBA can really see and hear when the human body does not trigger. Since Iddhi powers or the right Cittas must first be present or stimulated by Nama Loka/pañcupādānakkhandha.”

  • No iddhi power is needed for the gandhabba to see and hear without the physical body. 
  • During heart operations, some people’s gandhabbas come out of the physical body. They watch the operation from the ceiling and later tell the surgeon precisely what happened during the operation. See “Near-Death Experiences (NDE): Brain Is Not the Mind.”
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