Reply To: The Big Bang May Have Never Happened?


1. It is human nature to defend one’s belief to the end.

  • However, scientists are trained to follow the experimental evidence.
  • Once there is enough undeniable evidence, they will start looking for a better explanation. 
  • We may have to wait for the next generation telescope to “see even further into the universe” and see stars much older than 14 billion years.


2. The other “domino to fall” will be the wrong belief that humans “evolved from the monkeys.” 

  • Things in this world NEVER go from “worse to better” naturally, i.e., without an effort. That is the “anicca nature.” 
  • If we want to make life better, we have to invent new technologies by spending time and effort. That is part of the “sankhara dukkha“!
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