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Theruwan Saranayi 🙏

I listened to the Waharaka Thero’s Tilakkhana desana yesterday afternoon.

Thero’s Desana

At that time, the thought of the gilded statue came to my mind.

No matter how nicely one gilds it, it will peel off eventually.

Like that, Greed, Anxiety, lamentation, etc will arise eventually when one has raga, dosa, and moha mind.

For example, I have the habit of chewing the callus on my finger when I am anxious.

I have failed to overcome my anxiety with this method.

I tried hard to remove my anxiety by chewing callus. But I can’t.

Like the peeled gilded statue, mental suffering always came up.

I think it is because I am attached to that.

Attaching to pleasure (or disliking suffering) makes mental suffering new every moment.

In other words, abhisankhara pumped up my mental suffering always.

So I couldn’t eradicate with that deed.

It’s not just a fault of the behavior, but because of my mind, which has San (raga dosa moha).

To visualize, attaching to something resembles injecting poison into the food.

It doesn’t matter whether the food is good or bad.

The critical fact is that food has been polluted (by our mental activities).

The thing we need to do is get rid of the poison.

But we have always behaved like changing bad food with good food, while still putting poison (San).

As I pondered this far, the message in Ven. Lal’s discourse came to mind.

Link of the discourse

Ven Lal says :

‘If something eventually leads to suffering, even if brings immediate happiness, that is of Anicca nature.’

I guess the suffering is mental (made by our mind) with Avijja.

We cannot remove it with sensual pleasure.

To make matters worse, expectations about sensual pleasure amplify that kind of suffering.

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