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Hello Tobi,

“Then it should be 7 dhātus and not 6 dhātus, like in the table!
Namely, Mano dhātu (or manoviññāṇa dhātu), Patavidhātu, Apodhātu, Tejodhātu, Vayodhātu, Akasadhātu and Kāmadhātu, for an Arahant?”

  • The six dhātus include everything in the world.  Kāma dhātu, rupa dhātu, and arupa dhātu (and kāma loka, rupa loka, and arupa loka) are three parts of the world.
  • An Arahant belongs to Nibbana. However, the physical body (a vipaka) of the Arahant is still in kāma dhātu (but not in kāma bhava) until the death of that physical body.
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