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Bhava refers to different existences in the world.

  • The word Buddha comes from “bhava” + “uddha“; here, “bhava” means “existence (in the 31 realms),” and  “uddha” means “removal.” Therefore, Buddha figured out how to stop the rebirth process and thus end future suffering. Every birth ends in old age and death; there are no exceptions.
  • We can also see that “Buddha Dhamma” means “teachings that explain how to stop “bhava” from arising,” i.e., it is “bhava uddha Dhamma.” Here, “Dhamma” means “teaching.” Note that “dhammā” (with lowercase “d” and a long “a”) “to bear things in this world.”
  • Therefore, the words Sotapanna or Anagami cannot be used to describe various existences (bhava) in this world. Instead, they denote the stopping of various bhava: A Sotapanna has stopped rebirths in the apayas, and an Anagami any rebirths in kama loka. An Arahant has stopped the arising of any bhava.

See “A Buddhist or a Bhouddhaya?

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