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Yes. As we discussed above, the decision to take one’s own life is made with a high dose of “dosa.”

  • If one is successful and dies before that anger dies out, one will likely be reborn in an apaya corresponding to that mindset.

Regarding Anathapindaka’s daughter (a Sakadāgāmi, per the link you gave,) the description there is as follows: 

“Anathapindika had four children, three daughters and a son. Two of the daughters, Little Subhadda and Big Subhadda, were steeped in the Dhamma like their father and had attained stream-entry. And just as they took after their father in spiritual matters, so they did in worldly affairs; they were both happily married. But the youngest daughter, Sumana, surpassed even the rest of her family in her deep wisdom. Upon hearing the Buddha, she had quickly attained the second step of purification, becoming a once-returner. She did not marry, but not because she had renounced marriage. In fact, when she saw the happiness of her two sisters, she became sad and lonely. Her spiritual strength did not suffice to overcome her depression. To the deep sorrow of her family, she wasted away, eating nothing, starving to death. She was reborn in the Tusita heaven,.. “

It is difficult to assess her state of mind at the time of death, but a Sakadāgāmi can never have the mind of a being in an apaya

  • Suicide done with proper understanding is a different case. There is an account in the Tipitaka about an Arahant who took his life with the approval of the Buddha. Arahants live only for the benefit of others, to explain Dhamma to others. If the Arahant is in deep pain due to an unrecoverable illness, there is no point in living and undergoing such pain.
  • Another example is Ven. Moggallana. He was beaten to death by a group of hired killers. Ven. Moggalana escaped twice from them using his supernormal powers. But when they came for him the third time, he realized that he was destined to die that way due to a strong kamma vipaka. Thus, he gave up and accepted being beaten to death without an angry state of mind.
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