Reply To: Video illustrating the concept of Niraya (Hell)


Can you explain more on gathi in that context? For example gathi is translated as habit, changing habits take a lot of time (and sometimes it’s impossible without Dhamma insight or because person is not born as Tihetuka) so “just thinking” about something in form of Gandhabba will make one change the form? It seems I get used to “mundane” gathi or physical-body gathi. Something ain’t right here for me, I understand what you mean but I can not picture it in logical way yet, but got the glimpse.

So for example:

  • You have physical body so the mind-energy that influence Gandhabba would be “slowed” as physical body can not catch up with changes that quickly. If someone is addicted to eating chocolate and does not want it, he can not change gathi on the go because brain/human body limits those sudden changes (as it’s not gandhaba form)
  • If you die and gandhabba comes out now because of less density now “bhava” becoming a limit factor, so what here will be dominant in change? gathi, kamma or gandhaba? (I guess calculation is based on both in cuti-patisandi moment)
  • Even finer bodies as you explain in deva would react to deva thoughts but what about kamma, kamma of the thought is enough to change bhava?

There are some missing links or me it terms of priority of calculation in kamma/gathi/bhava changes, I also accept if this is one of unthinakbles so if that go beyond our reach of understanding we will drop it