Reply To: Video illustrating the concept of Niraya (Hell)

Yash RS


“There are several such examples mentioned in the Tipiṭaka. A famous example is about a frog who was attentively listening to a discourse of the Buddha. Of course a frog could not understand what the Buddha was saying. But the “gati sound” (“gati handa” in Sinhala) that came from the Buddha combined with sansaric gati of the frog led the frog to attentively listen to the pleasing sound from the Buddha and to have a pleasant mindset.


While listening to the discourse, the frog was accidentally killed by the walking stick of a person there, and the frog was born in a deva loka instantaneously. “

So how did the frog’s bhava end if it was killed by someone, or was it that his bhava ended that’s why it got killed?

There is one more account when a monkey offered the Buddha some honey and after accepting the food, the monkey was very happy and died because of falling in the excitement and becomes a Deva. So how did the bhava end in both the cases?

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