Reply To: Video illustrating the concept of Niraya (Hell)


Questions from Yash RS:

“So does it mean that if a person has committed many bad kamma, he or she will not end up in the apaya unless the human bhava is exhausted?”

  • Yes. One’s bhava does not change until its kammic energy is exhausted. 

“Do the bad kammas not exhaust the human bhava?”

  • No. In the same way, good kammas do not extend the bhava either.
  • However, a bhava can be “broken” before the end of its kammic energy in the case of an anantarika kamma. There are bad anantarika kamma (like killing one’s parents) that will result in being born in an apaya upon the death of the current human body. There are also good anantarika kamma (like cultivating an Ariya/anariya jhana) that result in being born in a Brahma realm at the death of the current human body.

“Also, having sex before marriage is a bad kamma? If yes then why is it so? Is it a sexual misbehaviour?”

  • Yes. It is a bad kamma, but not a strong one that can lead to rebirth by itself. It is like stealing.


Christian’s comment:

“There is sutta when Buddha say even “good” people to lower realms and “bad” people go to higher realms.”

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