Reply To: Video illustrating the concept of Niraya (Hell)


To understand the Buddha Dhamma and accept that you need to have the fear of Samsara

It’s impossible to become Sotapanna with fear, as fear is unwholesome state of mind. Saying that “become Sotapanna or you go to hell” is such bad take, that what catholic and other religious people do to fear people into practice thru fear. This will never work, as saying “do not bad things or you go to jail” – why people are still in jail? People work differently and this is actually ignorance that may harm Buddhism in eyes of many people who do not understand it properly. First people need to understand the concepts and the main messege of Buddha, later the things as “hell” become self evident so you just starting from the wrong foot and side which means you need to understand Buddha Dhamma better. Plus video shows wrong Dhamma concepts that are not really Dhamma but religious addition like “state of mind before dying” etc. also how she went to hell instantly without doing antariya kamma? This video is just fear inducing religious stuff that unintentionally mock Buddha Dhamma, people who made do not understand Dhamma and core concepts of it.

To sum it up for people who may see this thread first time – this got nothing to do with Buddhism in pure form.