Reply To: Video illustrating the concept of Niraya (Hell)


Hello, Gad.

I like to leave some comments in support of yours. 

I agree that we should be afraid of the danger of Sansara.

But I think the procedure of learning is also important.

It is important for beginners to accept Buddha’s worldview(including kamma), at first.

We can study Buddha’s teaching sequence in many suttas.

[Dana → Sila → How to being Deva → Dangerous of sensual pleasure → Four noble Truth] is that.


Sentient beings tend to accept things that seem beneficial.

So, it is necessary to do good deeds for the purpose of a good rebirth, initially.

In that process, we can naturally absorb the law of Kamma – Vipaka.

Accepting the above, the dangers of Apaya will naturally seep into people’s minds.

Then, someone can strive to achieve Sotapanna at that time because one understood the necessity.

But if someone faces the scary part of Dhamma at first, he or she may have resistance to Buddha Dhamma.

Of course, there are those who want to learn Dhamma for the purpose of Sotapanna from the beginning.

So we need to think about the learner’s type (Gati) on a case-by-case basis.

Because each person has a different way of accepting it.

I think that is why Ven Lal describes “Three Levels” of Practice.


P. S.

I am a non-English speaker, so I may not be expressing myself well.

If I have been rude, please let me know. I am sorry about that.



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