Reply To: Video illustrating the concept of Niraya (Hell)


Hello Christian

I don’t completely agree with you. To understand the Buddha Dhamma and accept that you need to have the fear of Samsara. The fear to know you will end up in a apaya if you don’t became  sotāpanna.  If you don’t fear and care about the future suffering of the Samsarā so what the point to pratice the Buddha Dhamma??? If the people don’t care of hell is their problems. Of course they will not believe they have micchādiṭṭhi and they are puthujanas. The basic of Buddha Dhamma is to believe in the 31 plans. If someone didn’t believe in this he can’t becomes a sotapanna. Sir Lal insists of the fear of apayas when he makes his posts. In one of his posts he shares a video who records sounds of niraya hell.

I don’t know if you watched clearly but in the video the girl commit sexual misconduct and makes an abortion who lead her to his own death. Before she died she had the mind state of a niraya being. I analyzed the video in more depth before sharing it on the forum. I was seeing some concepts like gandhabba and state of mind who lead to a rebirth. You said “that fear guilt to people into pratice”.  Hiri and Otappa are among the 25 goods cetasikas in the 52. (HIRI) shame or fear to do bad deeds and (OTAPPA) the fear of the consequences of such deeds. We NEED to have this fear in the beginning is the BASIS.  People will ALWAYS talk bad on  Buddhism is anatta(uncontrolable) we can’t do anything about that. In Lord Buddha’s time this was the case. In the modern day is still the case (I saw people on reddit talking badly about puredhamma site)

Now in the moderns days we have this kind of technology where we can make somes concept in a visual way. Some people are more visual so that can help them.The purpose of this video is not to makes propaganda but to explain that bad deeds lead to bad rebirths. I don’t see what is not usefull to shares it. If Sir Lal thinks is not appropriate he can delete this post i will respect that.

(I shows this video to a friend who are non buddhist. She was scares and shocks she thinking the buddhists doesn’t believe in hell. I told her no we believe in hell but unlike other religions beliefs is not eternal. So i think this kind of video can be helpfull to destroys somes myths on buddhism. I was a christians before and i see what do you mean but in this case i didn’t see propaganda. She didn’t seem to think is ridiculeous and she learn something new!! )

Of course puredhamma have more explanations and go more deeper i can’t deny this !!