Reply To: What is the difference between manodhatu and manovinnanadhatu?


Just like “cakkhu dhātu” evolves into “cakkhuviññāṇa dhātu,” “mano dhātu” evolves into “manouviññāṇa dhātu.”

  • The first five (cakkhu, sota, ghāna, jivhā, kāya) are active (in addition to mano) in the kama loka and rupa loka.
  • None of the first five are present in the arupa loka; it has only the mind (mano.)

Similarly, in arupa loka, the mind is triggered by dhammā and develops into “manouviññāṇa dhātu.”

  • Of course, it is also triggered by the five physical senses in kama loka; for example, “Cakkhuviññāṇadhātuyā uppajjitvā niruddhasamanantarā uppajjati cittaṁ mano mānasaṁ hadayaṁ paṇḍaraṁ mano manāyatanaṁ manindriyaṁ viññāṇaṁ viññāṇakkhandho tajjā mano dhātu.”

Yes. “sabba dhammesu” refers to that.

  • I will start a new series to discuss that in detail after finalizing a post or two on “kama guna.” Please hold further questions until then.
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