Reply To: Gati and Family



Yes Sir Lal in the first possibility around my 17 i was confronting at the suffering of a teenager like a break up. That experience make me thinking alot why i suffer for this? If i remember well i was thinking unconsciouly about the annica nature. Yesterdays i was happy with this person today we are separate. The thing not remain the same. They are changing. Of course at this time i use the banal signification of annica. After that i start to read and i came accross Buddha’s biography. That was the beginning of this.

For the second possibility that can be  the anusaya of micca dithi ?? I heard about some people had different type of anusaya who are predominant. Some had sensual pleasure, micca ditthi, anger  etc..


So sir in the third possibility if i understand well we can have many Gati at the same time??