Reply To: Meaning of Sanatana


1. The Wikipedia article “Sanātana Dharma” says: “Sanātana Dharma refers to the “eternal” truth and teachings of Hinduism.

2. Buddha Dhamma is also an eternal Dhamma: It describes the world’s true nature. In the above verse, one such truth is that “That Dhamma (Buddha Dhamma with non-hatred or loving-kindness) accomplishes the end of ‘san’“ as I explained above.

3. Many of the teachings in the Vedas are mundane versions of the Buddha Dhamma taught by Buddha Kassapa, who appeared before Buddha Gotama. Of course, all Buddhas teach the same Paticca Samuppada Dhamma.

  • As I have mentioned previously, many “Buddhist concepts” existed (in watered-down, mundane form) when Buddha Gotama was born. His mother had taken the “eight precepts” on the day the Buddha (Bodhisatta) was born.

Lang asked: “Under number 12, we have the phrase “sīti bhavissanti“, meaning “will be fully cooled down“. Does bhavissanti break down to “bhava” + “anti“?”

  • It is a bit different.
  • A related word is “bhavissati” meaning “bhava” + “assa” usually referring to “staying in a certain way” or “to live accordingly.” 
  •  “bhavissanti” is plural.
  • Of course, “sīti” means “cooled-down state,” another synonym for Nibbana.