Reply To: Kāma Guna, Kāma, Kāma Rāga, Kāmaccanda

  1.  gain about Kamaguna, I don’t know what it depends on exactly, whether it is Dhātus or something else, but I know that all of us, you, I, etc., have created Kamaguna ourselves.
  2. Vatthu by Hadaya Vatthu rhymes with Dathu, so they have a connection.
    Likewise Jhana and Bhavana.
  3. Our spirit, i.e. Nama, exists through attachment to Rupa, in a manifestation as Namarupa, which in turn is in a generated manifestation through (abhi) -sankhara. 
    There is no universe, we live in Tilakkhana. Or rather, we live in anicca, dukkha, anatta. This should be understood. We are a manifestation within a manifestation and we continue to change this manifested entity.
  4. And one thing I predict is that if there is an awakening in the next few years, it will be a collective, on the land surrounded by the seas. Just a feeling from me.