Reply To: Kāma Guna, Kāma, Kāma Rāga, Kāmaccanda


Sorry TGS for not getting back to you until now but the time difference and work.
“Can it be said that Kamaguna is a touch of Mara?”
Can you explain to me exactly what you mean by Kamaguna being a touch of Mara?

I think. There are guna as, buddha guna, dhamma guna and sangha guna. These are all qualities that take us out of samsara. Kamagunna, on the other hand, are qualities that keep us trapped in samsara. Since Mara is also something that tries to keep us in samsara, I made the connection to Kamaguna. Since Kamaguna is subjective and presents itself as a natural law in the background, I formulated it somewhat superficially.