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Greetings Tobi,

  • “Kāmaguna are the five objects of the senses, they are the cause of the emergence of desire, hatred and delusion.”

From my current belief and understanding ofKāmagunait’s way more than just the five objects of the senses. Some of the idea’s I have in mind right now regarding Kāmaguna is that the explanation of it can get pretty detailed and deep. It’s possible that I could be wrong or mistaken about some of these idea’s, but I’ll be sharing what I have in mind regarding Kāmaguna for others scrutiny whenever I can finish typing out what I would like to share.   


  • “According to the Jain ascetics; Pleasure cannot be gained by pleasure; Joy can be gained through pain (sukhena sukhaṃ adhigantabbaṃ, dukkhena kho sukhaṃ adhigantabbaṃ).”

I could be mistaken about this, but actually from what I currently think of Kāmaguna is that pleasure can be gained from pleasure, at least in regards to Kāmaguna. I haven’t thought of the other pleasures like jhana’s, but at a later time, I’ll elaborate more on this since I would like others feedback. So far in my mind . . . it makes sense . . . but we’ll see.   


  • “Could it be that with Jhana Bhavana, we are trying to emit/produce a “pabhassara citta”?

Feel free to correct me if I’m mistaken, but from my current understanding, we’re not trying to “emit/produce” a pabhassara citta since pabhassara citta are produced with every citta. The thing is that we never experience or can experience a pabhassara citta unless one is an Arahant.  Pabhassara citta are the 7 universal cetiska’s, but the citta get’s contaminated due to our anusaya’s or from the evolution of  citta. That’s why or at least one of the reason’s why we can’t experience a pabhassara citta even though it’s produced with every citta.

This post can give you more details and explanation.

Pabhassara Citta, Radiant Mind, and Bhavaṅga


  • “Could you say that Kamaguna is a touch of Mara?”

 Can you clarify for me what do you exactly mean by Kamaguna is a touch of Mara?