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The Buddha spent many years in Jetavanaramaya (built by Anāthapiṇḍika, a wealthy person): “Jetavana.” Some accounts say it was more luxurious than a King’s palace. Yet the Buddha embarked on a months-long journey in his last days when he was old and was facing some health conditions; he and Ven. Ananda traveled on foot for many months living under harsh conditions.  

  • There is no requirement for the Buddha or bhikkhus to live in misery. There may have been a reason for the Buddha to undertake that journey in his last days. 
  • However, for obvious reasons, living in such luxurious residences is not advisable for bhikkhus who have not attained magga phala. That is why most temples are simple residences. Many bhikkhus (who are determined to make progress) live in simple huts in forests to avoid distractions.

I am on travel for several more days. When I return, I will try to find the sutta reference asked in the second part of the question.

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