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Yes. As long as one is not an Arahant, there is raga (raga anusaya) for some type of dhammā.

  • In the case of rupa raga (for an Anagami), there is an expectation to “live the life of a rupavacara Brahma” even if it may not be a “craving.” For example, there is a sutta about a bhikkhu who became an Anagami and stopped cultivating the path. When the Buddha asked why, he said he knew he would attain Arahanthood in the Brahma realm. 
  • Buddha Dhamma also belongs to “this world.” That is why one MUST also give up any liking/craving to learn more Dhamma when close to the Arahant stage (and not before that.) There cannot be ANY overlap between “this world of 31 realms” and Nibbana; they are mutually exclusive, i.e., there is no overlap. There is also a sutta that gives the account of a person who thought he had given up all attachment to the world; when he died, he was born a Brahma and came to the Buddha to ask why that happened. The Buddha explained that he had not given up his attachment to the Buddha, Dhamma, and Sangha and came to visit Jetavanaramaya until the very end of his life. 
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