Reply To: Planning to travel to Sri Lanka


I’m hoping others can also make the trip! and thank you Lal for the recommendation.

I brought this up because was hoping some of the forum members here might make a trip to Sri Lanka this year. I was already planning on to be flexible and open to the different dates of travel to Sri Lanka if that allows me to meet up with the other forum members. Personally I wanted go anytime after September and as soon as I can, so my date is not exactly set. If LDF, Jorg and his friend would like to meet up, I can arrange my schedule to / in Sri Lanka to meet up.

As well Jorg and LDF, if we do end up meeting in Sri Lanka and our planning / timing works out, you’re free to join me and possibly some Thero’s to the Jaya Sri Maha Bodhi and other sacred sites around the area. I heard it would take about 3 days to travel “comfortably” around the area to the other sacred sites. Comfortably meaning not rushing during the travel and having time to meditate around the sites or hoping to anyways. . . 

Btw Jorg, how long do you plan to stay in Sri Lanka for? For me, it’ll be about 3 weeks.