Reply To: Buddha Pooja


Yes, I agree 100% with what Lal is saying. It does not really truly matter where The Buddha was born.

We don’t need to consider the birthplace of doctor curing our disease. As long as he is competent and capable.

Recently, I was hearing a sermon of amadassana thero.

He was explaining how ultimately it is wrong to say that “I” am human, “I” am male/female huma, “I” am of this nationality, “I” am son and daughter of this, This property belongs to “Me/I” etc. Which is of course 100% true.

Because, when there is no permanent entity/identity/essence in any inert/living matter, how can we talk about something belonging to that permanent entity? It would be wrong question.

I think we all need to think about this issues deeply.

Otherwise as thero says, “all things considered ‘mundane love’ is at least as bad as hatred”.

Even Buddha dhamma as relegion has not been completely exempt from violence. Some groups/individuals have taken up weapons in name of Buddha Dhamma! Which is sad, Because, Buddha dhamma is anything but!

This is result of having “mundane defiled impure love” for Buddha dhamma.

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Again this is not meant for anyone in particular, but just some relevent comments.